About Half Price Protein

Half Price Protein are your new best friends and the only whey you should go for all your supplement needs.

Who Are We


Half Price Protein are your new best friends (we hope) and the only whey you should go for all your supplement needs. We are a retail and online supplement business based in the Illawarra region of NSW. Located in the growing hub of Warrawong, we provide products of impeccable quality at unmatchable prices. If that’s not a perfect combination, then there’ll never be one. We ask why should you have to empty your pockets just to be healthy? Well, you shouldn’t.

With a rich history of successful business ventures behind us (sorry, we boast), we offer shockingly easy and affordable avenues for weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, energy, recovery, and general health and well-being. We should mention, if we may, that all our products are Australian owned, developed and made. They are exclusively ours and are researched by expert scientists and nutritionists, which is why we can be so brashly confident in their quality and why we can save you, the beloved consumer, so much money. Smart and considerate, huh? Are you starting to like us? (Sorry, we’ll be more modest and less needy from here on.)

We don’t mean to harp, but we’d like to make it clear that we make absolutely no compromise on the quality of our products. They are meticulously researched and developed, and, to be honest, we’d be surprised if you find better. Don’t believe us? Find out more about what our products do here and what goes into them.

Just as we don’t compromise on quality, we don’t expect you to compromise on price, which is why our prices are the cheapest. We’re all for haggling but with us there is no need.

Unlike some potential suitors out there, we’re not picky. We help men and women of all ages and fitness levels. So whether you are beginning your weight loss dream, training hard for your next event, are an established body-building monster or simply want to keep yourself in general top-notch shape, we can hook you up with anything you need to achieve the results you crave.


Our Promises


We understand there are still many trust issues with the supplement industry. You’re worried about what exactly you are putting in your body and if it’s actually making a difference to your workouts. Fair enough too, you don’t want to be paying money for something that doesn’t work or makes you sick. When you go to a restaurant, you expect a meal to satiate your hunger and not give you food poisoning. The supplement industry should work upon the same principles. The results should be evident and the products clean and healthy. We firmly believe everyone is only as good as their word and we stand by ours unequivocally. Which is why we can say with full and utter conviction that when you buy our products there are:

  • No artificial flavours
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No synthetic colours
  • No MSG
  • No genetically modified ingredients

All our products are independently tested for quality assurance and, at half the price, there is absolutely no better alternative. In fact, if you’re not satisfied with your experience, you are welcome to bring your product back, throw it in our face, take your money back and spit at our feet. We’ll still wish you a good day. The reason we say this is because we don’t think it will happen. We believe anyone who tries our product will never need to go anywhere else.


Our Mission


Without sounding too ambitious, we want to become the world’s leading supplement company offering high quality at low prices. Not for the money, if were in it purely for money there are many other industries we could have targeted, like fast food. No, we do it because we are passionate about making the world a better place. One of the ways to do that is to improve the population’s health.

We don’t want to sound desperate but we want you to like us. We want you, the customer, at the heart of our business, which is why we offer so many promotions and opportunities to try our products. Our objective is to convert our biggest skeptic, it could be you right now, into our biggest fan. We want our biggest fans to convert our biggest skeptics. We want you to become the hero of your own life, achieve your ultimate goal, and spread health, strength and happiness to others. Sorry, we got a little cheesy there.


What We Do


We’ll tell you what we do. We sweat buckets, buckets we tell you, day and night to make things as simple as possible for you to decide which products and what fitness approach is best for you. We must stress, we still maintain a faultless grooming and hygiene routine, evidenced by our handsome and charismatic founder Manny, who you will meet later.

We know the biggest barriers stopping people from embracing supplement products are the price and confusion over the complete saturation of brands on the market. Who are these massive brands? What’s in their products and where are they coming from? Why are they so expensive?

We’re kind of cool because we knock all these hurdles over for you so it’s as easy as possible for you to know what you’re buying. You’ve got a clear run to the finish line. We’re not saying you can’t work things out for yourself, but simpler is always better, yes?

With unequalled charm and grace, we make it clear to you there are no other independently owned and developed products on the market that are as cheap as ours. The brands you already know may equal us on quality (who knows, it’s not for us to decide) but we can’t be beaten on price. We develop our ingredients down to the finest detail to ensure no unwanted nasties infiltrate your body, or ours for that matter.

We offer assistance to anyone who asks for it (unless you’re under 16, sorry). So if you’re a woman, we can help with those buns hun. If you’re a fitness freak, we can help you catch the eye in the gym. If you’re a bodybuilder, we can have you trimmed down, shredded and bulkin’ in no time.


Who's Manny