In a nutshell, Manny is Manny Grigoris, our charming and charismatic founder. That does him a disservice because he is many other impressive things. The love he holds for his two competitive sons, George and Tomy, inspired him to start his mission of changing the supplement industry for the better. You see, the industry was missing something. It was missing tasty, nourishing proteins that were safe, honest and powered by natural ingredients. Knowing that when his boys grow up they’ll be looking for such products, Manny decided to button-up his white coat and make them himself. As you do. When he set out on this mission he had laser-like focus to make sure he never compromised on the quality of his products. Everything had to be of the highest standard and still remain affordable for customers. Other businesses may deem this impossible but it’s not, and Manny proved it.


Manny’s quest brought together food technologists, scientists, homeopaths, nutritionists and Manny himself. Step aside Marvel. Did we mention Manny is: a successful business owner, body sculptor, motivator, physique trainer, supplement research and developer, author, pilot, engineer and father! He sleeps less in a lifetime than you do in a night and he may be a little crazy (in a good way!). It’s this drive and passion within his character that has made the dream a reality, with Half Price Protein products now on the shelves, offering the very best quality you can buy. And you don’t have to shop around because our prices are the lowest you can find.


When you buy our products you can be certain that nothing goes near a customer unless Manny is satisfied with using it himself and one day his sons using it.

It’s Manny’s goal that one day the world will be made healthier and happier with Half Price Protein products. Manny’s vision is a guiding light for this young company and keeps us striving for better bodies and better lives.