How to Build a Muscular Body in Minimum Time

September 22, 2018

How to Build a Muscular Body in Minimum Time

It all starts with your attitude. Your attitude will determine your success. Too many gym people train without every becoming aware of their full potential because of lack of attitude. When I refer to attitude, I’m really talking about your mental focus. Your important focus on your goals and therefore training will always return exceptional results.

Attitude is a mental muscle that you can train just like any other muscle.

Set yourself some goals. Write down your goals and stick to them on the fridge door, near your bed, even behind the toilet door – it will make you much more likely to stay focused. Whatever you do, make your goals realistic.

Why does one person become a winner, and another doesn’t? Well, it’s not because they were born the be a winner, it’s because they think like a winner. It’s all about the attitude …

Another important component of success is discipline. You can have the best program in the world, however if one does not possess the discipline, how can you expect to achieve personal success? Get your discipline right, and your body will follow suit. Build a clear mental picture of what your want to look like. Visualize the result, and you will start seeing yourself transform your mind and your body. But begin by taking a good hard look of yourself in the mirror and accept your present condition. Don’t be disheartened though. This is the first and the most import step towards one day you will be looking at the new you. This will make you more motivated and get you doing something about it. Don’t focus on the past … you can’t change it. Focus on the future … this you can change. Make a conscious decision to change. Create in your mind an image of what you want to look like. Then stay the course.

Arnold Schwarzenegger visualized his biceps as peaks of mountains while he trained arms. Guess what, he had the most amazing set of arms in body building history. This is one example of the power of the mind.


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