Love Your Body with Exercise

March 31, 2019

Love Your Body with Exercise

Exercise has lots of benefits in the body and this is not rocket science to begin with. No matter what your age is or physical ability, it will help you to be healthy and boost longevity and a whole list of good things it has to offer. Numerous articles and research papers have already established the many benefits of this physiologic elixir and fitness specialist, experts,  and enthusiast has all the credentials to prove us that there is a silver lining that sets this as a way of life. In a world now filled with countless “instants” such as instant body shaping and or fat loss pills and the like, nothing still beats the all natural body booster.

Here are some more benefits it can give you and a couple of exciting features which not many people know. So here’s to a wonderful new you!


  1. Avoid memory loss problem

As you exercise, the general brain functions by increasing nutrient uptake of the brain and the release of neurotransmitters (more like brain boosters) which strengthens the brain’s integrity and slows down its natural degeneration. Research has shown that people who do not exercise (sedentary lifestyle) tends to develop brain degeneration and progressive memory loss which could result to dementia and even as devastating as Alzheimer’s. Exercising helps stimulate your brain in a manner no magic drug could ever claim to achieve.

 It helps the brain to practice planning, memory, reasoning, problem solving and more. Today’s modern digital word have provided everyone with the convenience of solving things instantaneously and providing easy-quick fix to things without stressing the person to practice and think critically thereby allowing the brain to be stimulated progressively.

Activities such as exercising regularly put the body in a position where it is way above its ageing process and slows down harmful free radicals which directly contributes to eventual memory loss


  1. Minimize anxiety and stress

Ever feel overwhelmed from all day’s work? Pressured on your next deadline? Ever feel like everything isn’t falling to where it’s supposed to be and feel like the world is against you? – You’re probably anxious! But wait! Don’t blame the big A! Mild anxiety is actually beneficial especially when faced with technical problems which require us to solve them. However, things may escalate and go out of hand and that is where everything gets messy. Failure to release anxiety and stress could result in depression—which, if left unattended and untreated, could lead to catastrophic self-inflicted injuries and worst-death.

Sounds morbid? I bet it sure is, but diverting your anxieties and stress to exercising would dramatically change how you see and feel yourself! In fact! Hormones responsible for feeling happy are greatly released when you perform regular exercise! Imagine how this could make an impact to change someone’s perception, minimize the stress and anxiety by starting from basics such as walking and running. It will help you feel relaxed and dramatically see your mood improve. Exercise lowers down your stress hormones and makes you feel happy from within. So, you can say, “Bring it on stress!


  1. Controls Weight

From walking down the stairs, to heavy household chores or watching an exercise video or going to the gym, having an exercise will help you prevent an increase in weight or obesity. There had been numerous studies supporting the correlation of obesity over certain lifestyle diseases. Not sure of your weight if it’s on target according to your physical stats? Clinicians such as nurses, doctors, med technologist would all agree that the best way to control weight is to hit the gym or welcome and embrace nature by running or walking and appreciating a good walk


  1. Improves circulation and strengthen your heart

You might have heard it already, but exercise definitely packs a punch against bad cholesterol by BURNING them. This is due to the process of aerobic metabolism (the process by which there is increased metabolism through the use of oxygen and heat) which prevents the person from having high cholesterol which increases the risk of having a heart attack and other lifestyle diseases which are technically highly preventable.

And it’s definitely not just the heart that would benefit through exercising, but virtually all organs as well. Diseases like stroke, diabetes and other debilitating diseases can be prevented just by hitting the road for a morning bike ride or, enjoy the park during a run. Believe us when we say, a happy heart is a happy YOU.


  1. Build strong muscles and bones – When we exercise, the proportion of muscle to fats become significantly in favor of the former. Strengthening all muscle area would build up over-all health of patient due to the muscle’s ability to burn and metabolize more and prevent fats from building up. The same also goes to different bones in the body. Too much fat would mean more physical burden to our bones. Fats are essentially more difficult to burn and would speed up bone degeneration more especially for weight bearing areas of the body ( lower legs and feet)


Do you know that organs of the body are made of muscles too? Yes! It’s not just your guns and physique, but your valuable organs! They need to have good perfusion (oxygenation and nutrition of tissues and organs) for them to function well.  The heart is one tough act to follow, especially now that it is dubbed as the strongest muscle in the body

Do always remember too, though for best results, exercise needs to be complimented by diet and a healthy lifestyle which includes avoiding smoking cigarette, moderate alcohol intake and getting your body’s much needed rest by getting enough sleep and best of all, maintaining a healthy and fruitful personal relationship with a loved one.

So what are you waiting for we recognize that starting is always the hardest thing to do so enough waiting for the new year for a “new” new year’s resolution!  Go ahead and start today! Take small steps. Yes, it may be difficult. What matters is that you’re going.

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