March 25, 2019


Being healthy is one of the most ignored priorities by most busy workers today. Instead of engaging themselves to the gym, they’d rather take a break from a tiring day’s work by eating and drinking out with friends or staying at home and sleep. Never would these individuals think of submitting themselves to these so called exercise routines.

Whenever given the chance to at least get a hold of a workout routine, most people want easy fixes. They get a little overwhelmed by television advertisements that they can get the body they want in a very short span of time. These commercial ads make it look like exercising is an easy, painless endeavor and goals can be achieved with just one click.

Most of us who do not have the luxury of time, wants to purchase exercise equipment at home so we don’t find the need to go out to exercise.

But how would we really assess if we need to buy an exercise equipment and how would we know if it’s suitable for us?

Here are some factors that we can consider before investing our hard earned money into these fixed assets:

How often will you use it?

If you have the urge to purchase an exercise machine or equipment, make sure you have the need and the desire to use one. You don’t want a space consuming fitness ornament inside your home. You have to assess and ask yourself, “Do I need it?” or “Will I be able to commit myself and use it?” . If the answer is a resounding “Yes!” , then, by all means you have the right to purchase one. Health is very important and is something you should not be hesitant to invest on.

But it is also important to consider and ask a professional to guide you with what you need and what program is essential for you to use to tailor fit your health regimen. Do not be impulsive. You should seek professional advice.

You will not be burning calories by buying workout equipment in your house, you have to use it and make it a consistent part of your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Space Requirement

If you live in a very spacious home, we can consider buying larger equipment and machines. Never buy large exercise equipment and then eventually find a place where to put it in your home. Remember, you need an appropriate place to perform your exercise routines. If it won’t fit, then don’t buy.

There are existing foldable equipment in the market and is a good point to consider to save a lot of space in your home.

Ceilings heights, room dimensions, noise restrictions, portal of equipment entry upon delivery and installation, correct electrical outlets and floor protection in instances of heavy equipment drop are some factors that we can consider.

Put it in your favorite spot in the house. Drop the idea that the fitness equipment must be stored. It must be accessible to constantly remind you that you have to use it. Incorporate it in you interior design and you will appreciate it more than what you expected.

Determine Your Budget

Nothing can go wrong with a well-planned budget. Don’t go overboard your expected budget because of the impulse. Always stick and spend within your means. You don’t want to be frustrated at the end of the day if your exercise regimen failed and end up in debt because of the expensive equipment who promised you to get the body want in just one month.

So, determine your budget and make sure you invest on it wisely. Do some researches and a couple prize comparisons within reputable stores you know.

Who else will be using the equipment?

If more than one person is using the same equipment, you might want to consider options that would satisfy the need of each user. There are exercise equipment which can incorporate several components to meet each individual need. Some equipment can give a great low impact cardio workout and also act as strength workout with adjustment in resistance.

Also, having multiple users, the wear and tear of the equipment parts and the equipment itself is faster so better consider a more durable one. Make sure the equipment allows a wide variety of adjustments to customize fit the various heights of the users.

Factor in that each individual users have a different set of goals, limitations and preferences.

Have you tried the equipment before?

You will not be able to make a sound judgment if you haven’t tried and compare the equipment before. You need to personally experience the quality, the design features, the fit, function and most especially, comfort.  

Keep your goals in mind and take time to analyze. Ask for a professional help for you to be confident with your decision.


Take note of your physical limitations.

Always start by consulting a professional fitness coach to know your restrictions.  People experiencing low back pain or have back injuries can engage themselves in low impact workouts. So better ask doctors to if you have a medical condition before engaging to these fitness programs.

Your injuries and limitations don’t mean that you’re discouraged to engage yourself in fitness workouts or buying fitness equipment. You just need a fitness equipment expert to find better solutions for you that can accommodate your body’s needs while providing you with an effective work out at the same time. 

To sum it all up, the best workout equipment is something that you can consistently engage yourself into. Something that you can consistently use, stay committed and serve your fitness goals and priority. Remember that it is a waste of time and money to invest in fitness equipment you don’t end up using. Always think if purchasing that equipment will make you feel happy and if it is something worth doing.

You should not rely on reviews alone in your decision making. A fitness machine that feels right for someone else doesn’t mean that it will be right for you and your goals.

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