March 13, 2019


Sometimes life gets a little bumpy. We experience depression, insecurities and a lot of uncertainties that you can’t get a good grip on what to do first to fix everything. Most of the time our brain is taken out of the loop and go crazy and overwhelmed.

One of the best solutions you need to answer all your questions is to invest in yourself. Invest in fixing yourself first and engage in worthwhile activities that will end up giving positive results in the end. Work out! Get back in shape! Do it for yourself. Once you get your feet on the track again, the benefits of exercise will start to pour out healing you physically and mentally.

As your heart rate increases, blood is distributed in your muscles and to the vital organs of the body. You’ll start burning your calories and get fueled up. Because of this, you’ll get your instant boost in the mood. Once you get those happy hormones kicking in, you’ll start to feel fresh and rejuvenated. With all these physical changes, your mind follows. Once you get that mood change, you’ll start thinking soundly. New energy will start to seep in. New ideas will start to flow and before you know it, you’ll be overwhelmed with positive energy that will greatly help your problem solving skills.

Yes, the feeling is quite addicting. Once you felt that boost it’ll be hard to resist not doing it again. As your body responds through increase in blood flow, your lungs will start to deliver more oxygen in the muscles. Your body will then flood you with endorphins letting you feel psyched and energized. You will start to feel that the stress level you have starte to decrease. With the change in the mood follows a change in perspective, looking at things in a different manner. Feeling Zen will not only give you a healthy body, but also a healthy mind.

One sweat session will definitely lower your blood pressure. In times of stress, a vigorous exercise is heart smart. Go for a run, start your dance class, or brisk walk. You’ll be super alert and focused after having a cardio exercise. This will even help you increase blood flow to your brain.

But of course, there’s more!  Stepping up your routine a level higher will of course give better results. With all the calories burned and weight loss, you’ll feel lighter. Your brain will start to function. This the best time you can start memorizing a speech, or tackle through your office project.

Your endurance starts to double as you get stronger along the way. An eight pound weight will start to feel light at this moment. Thanks to the regular workout repetitions this will no longer be a struggle. Working out signals your brain to release growth stimulating proteins that may give birth to the formation of new cells there. You’ll be getting more brain power. A healthy brain only signifies a healthy system.

Furthermore, in times of stress, we start to indulge with something sweet. Intake of sweets will increase our sugar levels, making us feeling heavy, bloated and irritated. It doesn’t help. It only provides us with a band aid effect of feeling hype few minutes after intake, but it will not last long. Working out will increase your sensitivity to insulin, thereby resulting to lower sugar levels. Sugar will destroy your vital organs including your brain. And believe me when I say you don’t need it in times of stress. You don’t need it in developing a healthy brain. You do not need it if you wanted to maintain a healthy mind and improve your mental state.

Sedentary lifestyle will only make things worse. It will not help in any aspect. Be that fat melting machine and improve your lifestyle. Keep your metabolism stoked up. Raise the bars, crank the resistance in your stationary bikes or run uphill! You will never be a loser if you’ll start to do this and will also lessen your chances to contract disease.

Your body release immunoglobulins during workouts. Immunoglobulins build our first line of defense when we start no feel ill. Stress will give you that cold and flu, and you have to protect yourself against it. These immunoglobulins are proteins that will ward off infection. Your brain will not function well if you’re always sick because of stress.

That is the good news. Diseases that we can possibly acquire are totally preventable. Excess cortisol, a hormone released in times of stress, can be harmful to the brain. Exercise is a great form of relaxation. It’s like engaging in a new hobby. It will exercise your brain’s ‘gray matter’ building neural pathways. Neural pathways are created in the brain based on habits and behaviors. You wanted to exercise your brain that that positive feeling working out gives you is the new normal. It will long for it eventually until it becomes a natural part of your system and eventually dictate your body to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Engaging in this manual activity will also develop precise movements. It will greatly help you improve your spatial awareness. Exercise will also increase your reaction time letting you feel more alert than sluggish.

The key in achieving all these results is engaged in a workout program that fits you well. You don’t just work hard, you should also work smart, rekindle the challenge and make real gains. Mental fitness will mean keeping your brain in tip top shape. Calming the mind will allow you to solve problems in a more relaxed way. Physical fitness does affect your mental fitness.  People who are physically fit also enjoy a higher level of mental agility. You can increase metal proficiency by positive affirmation, and you can do that by doing regular workout routines. You can fit a variety of approaches into your daily life. Set your goals, start small and avoid becoming too much overwhelmed. Take one step at a time. You’ll surely get the results you need in an instant.

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