Will Training with Weights Make Women Look Like Men

September 21, 2018

Will Training with Weights Make Women Look Like Men

The concern for many women who weight train is the issue of becoming too masculine (looking like a man).

Let me state that it is impossible for women to develop the same amount of muscle mass as men. Women’s biochemistry simply won’t allow it.

The very muscular women seen in some bodybuilding competitions are the result of substances that imitate actions of hormones (testosterone).

In other words, these women are changing their body chemistry to muscle. Unfortunately, apart from the extra muscle mass, there are many known side effects that may develop as well. Our purpose is not to encourage or disapprove the use of some substances, rather to dispel women’s concern that weight training for months or years will not turn them into bodybuilders.  You can change the weight on the gym equipment, your brand of protein, but you can’t change your genetics.

People progress at different rates when they spend time in the gym. Some women put on muscle and lose fat in a few short months. Others will need years of training in the gym to achieve the same results. No two physiques are the same. Even between individual body parts there can be variation. You may get your back to develop by simply looking at the weights, while the arms can be hit heavily and repeatedly in your training routine, yet stubbornly refuse to improve.

Although we don’t like to admit it, genetics do play a major role in the quality of figure your can develop. No matter how much you train or how well you diet, genetics will place limits on what is achievable. Having said that, everyone can make very good gains in muscle tone, fat loss, strength and fitness. Many people are not blessed with great genetics, but you can reach for your full genetic capability by intelligent training and dieting and achieve amazing results.   

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