When, Where and How Often to Train?

September 21, 2018

When, Where and How Often to Train?

When to Train

Generally, the most popular period to train is between 4pm and 8pm (the reason is more sociology). In my opinion by training early morning hours you can take advantage of peak hormone levels. Also, training early morning hours you are not drained by a long day at work. I can appreciate waking early hours of the morning that it can take a few hours for maximum alertness and energy. Just pick your training time according to your daily plan. If the only time you can train is night, so be it.  Train regularly and at a time of the day that fits your schedule.

Where to Train

You have two choices – train at home or the gym. If you decide to train at home, you will need a room to set up the equipment. Then you will need to buy equipment. There are advantages having a gym set up at home. These include convenience, no waiting for equipment, and no parking issues. The disadvantages are no people around for motivation and lack variety of equipment. In my opinion the gym is the best place to train. The reason is you are surrounded by knowledgeable and experienced people and there are no distractions like you would get at home like phone ringing, TV and the kitchen.

How Often to Train

Whether you are a male or female, overweight or underweight, young or not so young, I suggest you should always plan what would like to achieve in the soon future.

You should first decide what life you want. Then, decide what your purpose is for training (mass building, weight loss, shape and toning, fit, etc etc). There are several factors that will determine which training routine you follow. Some factors include your goals, personal desires, and available time.

Unless you are unwell that you must remain in bed, you should avoid missing a planned workout. I can understand no matter how hard you train regularly, sooner or later you will miss the odd workout. Taking a few days off could help if you train too much (or over train), and the odd day that you take off could help by not hindering progress. The reason for this is taking a few days off allows your recovery system to restore, giving the body time to heal therefore feeling mentally and physically refreshed.  However, if you are the kind that makes excuses to miss out on training, then perhaps you should reconsider your training thinking.

Missing training for periods of longer than a week will make you experience some loss of strength, tone, and size. You cannot simply go back in where you left off after a lengthy break from training. You must gradually regain your previous condition slowly by lifting lighter weights and training with less intensity.

There are unlimited training routines for working out. Train three to four time per week is generally enough.


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