HGH Booster- Dream Physique (Youth Power)

This formula is one of weight loss and muscle building wonders that you can gracefully add to your gym bag; HGH – Also known as human growth hormone. This is a hormone produced naturally by our pituitary gland. Although, if you are on a serious weight loss or bodybuilding program, you need to take it in adequate amounts that sustain bulky muscle growth and fat burning metabolism. Moreover, the rate of production of HGH tends to decrease with age, therefore, you need to supplement your body with it to experience the youth strength. Our formula is designed to give you a ripped physique and help you shed off excess fats with continuous consumption according to our research based recommended daily consumption levels. Our team has spent some time with a formula that naturally boosts your HGH production to aid you in your weight loss or body building journey. HGH is critical to this journey and you definitely need it as your companion.

Is it legal?

In the past, people used to take the HGH hormone itself, which was illegal in terms of sports competitions and also had side effects. Years of evolution has resulted into a health alternative that is legal to use, HGH boosters. These formulas stimulate your body to produce HGH at optimum levels to complement your body needs such as when you work out. It boosts your HGH production to reasonable levels that don’t result in the side effects.

What HGH boosters do to your body?

Magic Effect #1 Increased Muscle Mass

Watch how you bulk up when you use HGH boosters as they promote your body to be in an anabolic state where your body focuses on building muscles and bulking up. Having HGH boosts boosting your growth hormone will greatly accelerate your muscle growth and repair process. Meaning, you are going to get your desired form faster when you are on HGH booster than when you are without it.

Magic Effect # 2 Noticeable strength Increase

HGH targets specific receptors in males that boost testosterone production in your body naturally. The increased testosterone will help you feel stronger and you will find yourself easily carrying heavier weights or doing more intense workouts. Females will also benefit from increased strength as the HGH naturally produced puts your body in a high energy state with boosted metabolism. You will be able to stick to longer and more intense workout routines.  Moreover, your muscles will be quickly repaired, therefore, you won’t feel soar or tired to perform exercises.

Magic Effect #3 Melts away your excess fat

HGH booster causes the naturally released HGH to put your body in a fat burning state. This involves increasing your body’s fat metabolism. This effect, along with your workout program and you will find yourself losing fat in no time.


Magic Effect #4 Boosted Energy levels

Ever wonder why kids are so active? It is because their body has higher HGH levels than us. With our HGH booster, you can enjoy the energy of the youth again. This boosted energy will reflect on your gym life and your life in general as you notice how you start to feel less and less tired. The fat burning effects of HGH also enables your body to have lots of energy available released from burning the fat.

Magic Effect #5 Improved overall Health

HGH will cause your body to have accelerated metabolism. This often means accelerated repair and regeneration. That will reflect positively on so many aspects of your body. Faster muscle repair, faster skin turnover and stronger collagen leading to a tight, youthful looking skin, better immunity as your body has enough energy and resources to produce immunity cells. All in all, your body will be in an active state where everything is going at an optimum and active rate, just like youth.

How it works?

All bodybuilding professionals know they must have some of this good stuff in their gym bag. HGH booster stimulates your pituitary gland to release the human growth hormone into your blood where it circulates and reaches to all your organs, especially the ones with higher demand, such as muscles. This is because the HGH puts your body in an anabolic state. An anabolic state means a state where your body is ready to build stuff. Mixing this formula with a targeted muscle workout will give you wonderful results as the natural growth hormone stimulates your muscles to grow. Moreover, anabolic states require a lot of energy. What is the best process to gain energy from that metabolizing and burning fat, leading you to shed off fat in the process WHILE gaining muscles? HGH also triggers the muscles to retain nitrogen, meaning, it helps it make the best use of any supplementing proteins that you are taking. This causes a double strategy to build muscles and a triple benefit if your goal includes fat weight loss. 

In short- HGH Boosters are designed to

  • Increase your stamina and boost your energy
  • Stimulate the pituitary glad to release naturally produced HGH
  • Helps your body burn fats
  • Increases your strength (Strength of the youth)
  • Helps your muscle to bulk up fast and retain amino acids supplemented by other formulas
  • Legal with no side effects

What Makes our product special

There are a number of reasons that makes all our products special. You can find out about it in the about us page. However, what makes this product special compared to many other brands is the valuable additions we add to our formula. For example, we have included a number of ingredients that supplement the booster and help it do its function more efficiently.

We made sure to include DIM in our product which helps boost your fat burning metabolism and decrease the excess (bad estrogen) which hinders your weight loss process. Moreover, we included L-glutamate peptides which makes our formula gut friendly and helps improve your gut health. We also made sure to include some fibers and sodium as well as a micro filtrate of other compounds that makes this formula a unique formula on the market. You will know notice the change after your try it.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and build muscle. Consult with your health care professional before beginning any diet, exercise or supplement regime.  

    Type: Recovery

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