It has high energy but low calorie. This perfect for weight loss because it provides your body with the energy it needs, therefore reduces feelings of hunger and increases feeling of satiety.

Food is critical to your weight loss journey. When your hunger is reduced with our protein, you won't feel frequent cravings all day long which are often followed by guilt as you shatter your weight loss program.

The low calorie options helps with having high energy nutritious protein without gaining weight or excess calories. That way, you will be energized for your workout and your body will focus on burning excess calories.

Another striking feature of this formula is the careful blend of proteins included in this package. These proteins along with Diinolylmethane (DIM) help regulate your hormones and decrease excess bad estrogen by activating specific enzymes. Estrogen is a hormone that messes up with your weight loss journey. Excess estrogen is also bad for your health. In addition, DIM is helps boosts fat burning metabolism

We have packed this formula with lots vitamins and minerals that are recommended on daily basis. Not only will this help your general health, it will keep your stamina high and keep you in good health to exercise and lose further weight. Check out the nutritional label to find out how many valuable minerals and proteins we have included in our formula such as folic acid and copper. These minerals are critical to your health and weight loss metabolism.

We couldn't conclude this formula without including natural weight loss promoting ingredients such as green tea and green coffee extract which help boost your metabolism and increase your calorie burning rate.

What many people do is they take all these supplements separately. What we have done is that we included a penta benefit by including ultra proteins, low carb, hormone regulatory products, minerals and vitamins and finally, weight loss promoting natural products extract.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Consult with your health care professional before beginning any diet, exercise or supplement regime.  

    Type: Weight Loss

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