Okay so it’s obvious why so many companies and businesses deal in supplements, because

sex is the best salesperson the world has ever seen, and there is an inexhaustible market of

people trying to look fitter and be healthier, or at the very least not be the butt of fat jokes

anymore. Whatever the reason, supplements are immensely popular. For good reason too,

supplements are extremely useful when they’re of high quality and used correctly.

The other reason so many people sell supplements is because there’s often a huge mark-up

on the products and profits can be huge.

The real question is, why are you paying so much for them? Because you need them. The

naughty – well naughty is being kind – the blatantly uncaring big businesses know this, so

they charge whatever they fancy, a lot of the time for products that sound impressive but in

reality do no more than a strong cup of coffee (and probably taste worse). The main

ingredient of most supplements is whey protein and be assured that it is not expensive. In

fact, any supplement from the U.S has been manufactured for a pittance, with the price

being inscrutably jacked up, mostly due to importation and going through multiple hands.

So the money you pay when you grab a product off the shelf is not for the product at all, it’s

for all the supply chains to get their due and pat their fat pockets (anyone else picturing

greasy overweight men?)

Now don’t shoot the messenger, but we’re telling you you’re being thoroughly fleeced.

There’s better feelings, we know, but we have a solution for you. It’s just not necessary to

buy imported products. We develop our own and sell them at a fraction of the price, for the

same or even better quality.

Speaking of quality, there are a lot of companies out there who take a dim view of

producing superior ingredients. Mainly because they’re greedy and built purely from an

economic business standpoint. Quite a dull and depressing attitude isn’t it? There have been

studies done that have concluded chocolate milk is one of the best things for recovery after

exercise (I kid you not). Now we’re not saying you should give up supplements and buy a

life’s supply of Oak. No, our products are specifically designed for the purposes of recovery,

weight-loss and muscle building. But at the same time we don’t expect you to pay an absurd

amount of money like other businesses. We’ve worked hard to maximise the effect of our

products and we think we deserve some remuneration but we don’t treat our customers

like they’re stupid.

Lots of corporations will lie about every new product they come out with, saying it’s 10 times

better than the last one when in reality it will do the same thing but simply at a higher cost. If every

industry progressed at the rate the supplement industry would have you believe it, we’d be living on

Mars and growing back limbs by now.

We could develop any product we wanted cheaply and sell it to people who don’t know any better.

That would be easy. We prefer to give customers what they pay for so we develop products that

actually work. What a novel idea that is, it’s almost like we’re not an evil conglomerate.

The point is you don’t need to pay more to get better results, money doesn’t always equal happiness

(think we’ve heard that one before). At Half Price Protein we started standing where you are now,

disillusioned with trying to maintain a healthy body and achieve our goals but bleeding money from

every orifice (not pleasant and certainly not recommended). It’s why we’re here now to give you

high quality products where every cent you spend is buying value for money.

Pay less, gain more. It seems like the simple option, right?