People often say that looks aren’t everything, and it’s true. But it’s often the beautiful people who have nothing to worry about that say it.

They don’t understand how being overweight and not looking your best can significantly affect someone’s confidence and self-esteem. Even more importantly it’s simply not healthy to be overweight, it’s dangerous. Heart disease, strokes and diabetes are just some of the threatening conditions caused by being overweight. Unfortunately, there are no jokes to be made here. Fat is an ugly word but, if that is what you are, we seriously want to help you, and we have the capacity to make you lighter than light and leaner than a ladder (oh, there was room for stupid jokes).

If you’re someone who needs to burn fat and shed kilos (more to the point, add years to your life), or even if you’re a body builder or athlete who needs help in your cutting phase, we have everything in our range of products to make your goals a tangible reality.