About Us

It is the choice of ingredients that defines Half Price Protein products.              

We insist that all ingredients used in Half price protein range of products are the purest and finest (from Australia where possible) to minimise deterioration and contamination that may occur during transport. We are committed to providing the best cheap protein in Sydney.

We keep meticulous tracking and auditing records – restricting the production of Half Price Protein to only small batches to ensure the highest quality, consistency and freshness.

Only the finest ingredients are selected and used. Each of the products has been formulated by our Scientist, Food Technician and Sports Nutritionist, to ensure, that when used in conjunction with the correct training regime, you will achieve maximum results in the minimum time.

Our range of delicious protein products have been tried and tested in the famous athletes and supplement stores in Australia.

We are devoted to creating products that are results focused.

That’s OUR story – we’d also love to hear yours.  If you have feedback on the results you’ve achieved with Half Price Protein, please share them with us through our “Contact Us” page.