About us

We are a new and ambitious Australian company, specialized in helping you achieve your fitness goals faster via our premium fitness, bodybuilding and weight loss supplements and protein powders. Because your health is our passion, we gathered an experienced team of scientists, nutritionists and health experts to guide our seasoned team in formulating one of the highest and purest quality proteins on the market.

What makes our brand special?

We have studied the market and consulted with top notch scientists and food technologists on how to formulate protein supplements that differ in formulation from what’s out there in the market in a way that boosts our athletes’ performance and enhances their weight loss and bodybuilding workout milestones.

We figured two things would ensure that our products are of highest quality and maximum efficacy. The first is our superior and competing quality and purity of our protein powders and amino acid filtrate. We use micro and ultra filtration processes to make our products low fat and low carb so that they are a healthy blend of finely filtrated amino acids both essential and non-essential. That means we offer true high value for each pound you pay for as your money is paid for ultra filtrated amino acids rather than paying for pounds that are filled with unfiltered fillers that are useless to your body. Ultra and micro filtration ensures you pay for pure high quality filtrates rather than fillers. Making each gram worth its price in value

The second thing is, we ensure to include superior ingredients that are strategically formulated by our food technologists to boost the effectiveness of the main ingredient in each supplement. Moreover, we love to add products such as naturally fermented L-Glutamine to make our products promote a healthy gut and to improve its absorption. Our products have one of the highest absorption rates. We do this by healthy digestive enzymes such as bromelain to facilitate quick protein digestion and ensure rapid absorption. That makes it highly efficient when taking pre or during workout. We also love to include biologically active protein micro fractions such as alpha-lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, bovine serum albumin, beta-lactoglobulin, glycomacropeptides and various growth factors all which work like little soldiers in your body in union with the main ingredients of the supplement to bring about the best results that your body deserves.

One of the unique features of our protein is that we love to include DIM which is a compound that works on hormone balancing, especially estrogen. It works by reducing the excess bad estrogen. For men, this helps them with their body building goals and for women this helps them for their weight loss goals. Therefore, the addition of DIM is like the secret soldier that makes the ground (your body) ready for battle, aka, the main ingredient to do its magical effect.

For our weight loss collection, we are proud to have incorporated natural fat burning ingredients such as green coffee extracts and many others that will help your body be in a state of rapid fat burning in addition to the magical effect of the main ingredient.

We also love to include lots of vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts that simulate the vitamins and minerals present in real food as we would like your body to be healthier. When your body is supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals that improve your general health and stamina, you will be in better health and shape to work out and stick to your gym routine.

A Better Look Inside The Half Price Protein Facilities

The HPP facility features an in-house laboratory. It complies with the ordinance of current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s). Our facility is Codex Alimentarius Approved and we supply documentation in agreement with the Standards in the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code, HACCP and SCI QUAL regulations. Our formulations are researched and developed by scientists with over 40 yrs experience is supplements and nutrition.

We produce our proteins in small batches for freshness as the fresher the product the better it works. Many brands produce protein in large batches and the packages remain in storage for many months until they get sold. Our quality control standards put high regards for freshness therefore; we produce our proteins in small batches. Our protein is constantly inspected both externally and internally to ensure continuous compliance in the areas of Personnel, Manufacturing, Grounds, Compliance, Sanitation, Equipment, Quality Operations, Production and Process Controls, Warehouse, Distribution, and Post-Production Practices. As a result, HPP can assure all manufactured products are not only clean and safe, but also meet high-quality standards expected by clients and demanded by our in-house Quality Assurance team. Our proteins are naturally flavoured and sweetened by Stevia. In our quality control, we like to use natural ingredients and avoid the use of fillers or artificial additives.

Our HPP facility has based cutting edge technology and science, ensuring that all staff receives continual training and development to attain the most up to date knowledge to provide you with second to none service, knowledge, and support.

Because we put so much thought and effort in our products, we are sure that you will love our products. If not, we offer you a 100% refund. Our motto is: Love it, or love it with your money back. We also offer free shipping on orders above 100 dollars. For any questions or suggestions please contact us.

How Half Price Protein Will Help Transform Your Life?

Our protein is meant to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether bodybuilding or weight loss, faster. We have formulated our products to give your body exactly what you need to reach optimal levels of energy, amino acids and other necessary nutrients in order for you to build bulkier muscles or lose weight. All this, in a very affordable package that’s very convenient for you to reach out to and use. Within minutes you can claim huge benefits from our proteins in an affordable manner that you will otherwise require lots of money and time to acquire it if you were only depending on food sources for your energy and protein. Half Price Protein is your friend when it comes to achieving your fitness goals in a pocket friend and time friendly manner. You can read about each and every product in detail in each products’ designated page. Moreover, you can find out very valuable info in our FAQ page.