Why Should I Buy Your Protein While I Can Just Increase My Protein Food Intake?

Sure you can do that. But, do you know by how many folds you would need to increase your protein food intake to sustain your muscles’ increased demand for energy and amino acids for growth and repair. The answer is “A LOT”. While it is important to have a healthy diet, it is much cheaper, faster and convenient to boost your amino acids and energy supply via our proteins. Moreover, our proteins are micro and ultra filtrated to be low fat and have a low glycemic index with zero impurities or unhealthy additives. In addition, we include vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. All this provides you with a huge nutritional value that will boost your body building journey and help you achieve your fat weight loss goals faster while you just chug on a cup of our delicious protein shakes. Isn’t that a good deal?

Will your products transform me?

Our products are carefully designed based on research and reference to the existing literature. Each product is formulated to enable your muscles to grow in size and increase in strength. However, supplements alone cannot transform you if you have a diet full of junk food and a poor workout program.

Do your products work?

If you strictly follow your workout routine and eat healthy, our products will speed up your weight loss and body building journey as our products facilitate your body to burn fat faster and more efficiently and to build stronger and larger muscles, provided that you maintain your workout intensity.

How does your products help me?

According to research we have included the constituents that target various processes and aspects in your body that are responsible for muscle growth and weight loss metabolism. For example, we looked at the different factors that make your muscles grow and we formulated our supplements to support your muscles with exactly what it needs to grow. Similarly, we have included lots of natural fat burning ingredients in our products.

What is HPP added value to my life?

Our protein is meant to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether bodybuilding or weight loss, faster. We have formulated our products to give your body exactly what you need to reach optimal levels of energy, amino acids and other necessary nutrients in order for you to build bulkier muscles or lose weight. All this, in a very affordable package that’s very convenient for you to reach out to and use. Within minutes you can claim huge benefits from our proteins in an affordable manner that you will otherwise require lots of money and time to acquire it if you were only depending on food sources for your energy and protein. Our HPP boosts your essential amino acids supply in no time in an effective and cost friendly way. Half Price Protein is your friend when it comes to achieving your fitness goals in a pocket friend and time friendly manner. You can read about each and every product in detail in each product’s designated page.

Why do you pair or recommend certain products together?

Each of our products contributes to body building or weight loss (or both) in a specific and unique way. Most often targeting weight loss goal by following more than one approach is the fastest and most efficient way to achieve your goals. For example, our fat burner supplement is formulated to directly boost your fat metabolism, therefore, increases your fat burning rate. Meanwhile, our creatine supplement focuses primarily on muscle gain. Having an increased muscle ratio will indirectly boost your fat burning metabolism as your body would burn more fat to supply increased amounts of energy to the growing muscles. Therefore, if your fitness goals include muscle gain as well as weight loss then pairing both of those products would be the perfect combination for you to achieve your fitness goals faster.

What’s the best protein supplement for muscle growth?

There are plenty of options for muscle gain supplement. The best option is to try out what works best in combination with your diet and exercise. It is best to pair out your supplements as different supplements’ functions complement each other. Some of the perfect options for muscle gain are whey supplements, WPI, Extreme Muscle Gainer, Creatine, HGH Booster and much more. Feel free to check out the description accompanied with each supplement.

What’s the best time to take my supplements?

You can take your supplements powder shake pre or post or even during your workout.

How much should I take from each supplement?

The recommended daily dosage is mentioned alongside the description of each product on our website.

Is it true that my body can only absorb 20-30 grams of proteins per day?

No, that’s not true. Although, your body cannot store the excess amino acids but it can 100% utilize any proteins that you ingest as long as your body needs it. Therefore, if you are on a workout routine, your body’s need for protein will increase and therefore, your body will utilize all the extra protein that you provided with via hour supplements.

Should I take my protein supplements even in the days that I don’t work out (off days)?

Each of these supplements brings about its magical effects through consistency. It’s best to keep your intake constant everyday for the best effects.

Will your muscle growth supplements and proteins help me lose body fat?

Indirectly yes our muscle growth supplements will help your body melt away fats. When your muscles grow, your mass bulk will be muscle fibres rather than fat. Muscle fibres require more energy therefore, the more muscle mass you have the more you will burn out fats and have their mass replaced with muscles.

What if I am lactose intolerant?

Proteins and other similar supplements such as whey can either be n the form of “concentrate” or an “isolate”. Most of our products are an isolate. Meaning, they contain 100% pure isolate of the substance without any additives or impurities. In that case you can be assured that it is free of any dairy products. However, not all products are free from dairy products. Please read our description to guide you on whether or not the product is suitable for vegans.

Are your products flavored?

Most of our products contain natural sweeteners and come in variety of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and grape. A few of our products such as creatine come without flavor so that you can add it to your favorite juice or other protein shakes.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

Our 100% pure isolate products such as synthetic creatine are ultrafiltrated to maximal purity to exclude any additives or fillers and make it suitable for vegans and vegetarians. However, not all products are free from bovine products. Please read our description to guide you on whether or not the product is suitable for vegans.

Many of your products contain DIM, what is that?

DIM is a compound that works on hormone balancing, especially estrogen. It works by reducing the excess bad estrogen. For men, this helps them with their body building goals and for women this helps them for their weight loss goals. Therefore, the addition of DIM is like the secret soldier that makes the ground (your body) ready for battle, aka, the main ingredient to do its magical effect.

Many of your products contain lost of vitamins and minerals, why?

We also love to include lots of vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts that simulate the vitamins and minerals present in real food as we would like your body to be healthier. When your body is supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals that improve your general health and stamina, you will be in better health and shape to work out and stick to your gym routine.

Do you offer refund?

Because we put so much thought and effort in our products, we are sure that you will love our products. If not, we offer you a 100% refund. Our motto is: Love it, or love it with your money back.

Do You offer free shipping? 

Yes. We offer free shipping on orders above 100 dollars. Get one more package for your friend or gym buddy and claim your free shipping.