Creatine-Pro Muscle Gain And Pro Muscle Strength 

Creatine  is one of the most effective and superior muscle building supplement you could add to your gym bag. Creatine increases the body’s ability to produce energy rapidly. Every professional body builder knows Creatine is one of the key magical supplements to boost your muscle size, strength and overall performance.  It naturally exists in our bodies. However, if you want to take your muscle performance to the next level, you absolutely need to incorporate Creatine supplements in your daily body building plan.

How Creatine boosts your muscles’ performance?

ATP is a universal energy molecule that your body uses to provide energy to the cells. Your muscles require a lot of ATP especially during exercise. Unfortunately, your muscles’ ATP supply has a limit due to the limitation of the molecules that provide your muscles with the phosphate group that forms the ATP. This limit is quickly reached during intense exercise. Fortunately, our Creatine supplements offer the magical solution to your muscles to overcome this limitation. It increases your muscles’ phosphocreatine stores by an incredible amount safely. That way your body can sustain longer periods of intense exercise as it has the necessary Creatine stores that provides your muscles’ with adequate ATP.

How can I get bulkier with Creatine Supplements?

If your body is able to sustain more intense exercise due to the Creatine supplements, think of how many more reps you can do and how much more weights you can lift with your newly supplemented muscles energy stores. Creatine is formulated to maximize your muscles’ performance. Your increased ability to perform more intense exercises and more repetition of your exercises and weight lifting is the key to optimal muscle growth. Creatine being able to sustain this increased workout capacity indirectly contributes to bulking up your muscles size and increasing your strength.

What Else Does Our Creatine Supplement Offer To Your Muscles And Overall Health?

#1 Increase your IGF muscle growth hormone- this stimulates your muscles to grow.

#2 Reduces muscle wear and tear during workout- this focuses your protein supply on growth rather than repair.

#3 Increases the water retention in your muscles cells- this helps make your muscles fuller and bigger.

#4 Stimulates the growth of the different types of muscle fibers including type 1 and type 2 fibers- this increases the power and strength of your muscles.

#5 Reduces muscles statin which inhibits muscle growth therefore, permitting muscle gain.

What Makes This Product Special?

  • This product does not contain any impurities, additives or fillers. It is 100% pure Creatine. Our Creatine was regulated for moisture control and tested by HPLC quality.
  • This creatine Monohydrate is easily broken down so that your body can utilize it quickly
  • It is tasteless and odourless so can be added into water, juice or your favorite protein shake.
  • Since it is 100% pure Creatine, it is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Creapure® is ultra-pure German creatine monohydrate, made from non-animal-sourced raw materials which are synthesized in our hygienic plants.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and build muscle. Consult with your health care professional before beginning any diet, exercise or supplement regime.  

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